The Institute hosts websites for each and every program, event, activity, project, club to ensure their presence in the cyber world. Websites hosted on this server are listed below. Click here for a slideshow of all these websites.
Websites @ IIIT Allahabad
1 Allahabad Development Authority Allahabad ada{at}
2 2 year M.Tech. in BioInformatics bi{at}
3 2 year M.Tech. in Communication Engineering ce{at}
4 2 year MBA in Information Technology mba{at}
5 ACM acm{at}
6 2 year M.Tech. in Information Technology mtech{at}
7 All India Radio Allahabad air{at}
8 IIITA Anual Cultural & Technical Fest effervescence{at}
9 2 year M.Tech. in Human Computer Interaction hci{at}
10 2 year M.Tech. in Intelligent Systems is{at}
11 Biomedical Engineering Five Year Integrated M.Tech. Program biomedical{at}
12 Convocation convocation{at}
13 Division of Applied Science as{at}
14 2 year M.Tech. in Microelectronics mi{at}
15 2 year MS in Cyber Law & Information Security ms{at}
16 Electrical Billing System mybp{at}
17 IIITA Central Library library{at}
18 2 year M.Tech. in Wireless Communications & Computing wcc{at}
19 Employee Payslip System myps{at}
20 Examination Cell examcell{at}
21 FOSS foss{at}
22 IITM iitm{at}
23 IIITA Patent Refferal Center prc{at}
24 2 year M.Tech. in Software Engineering se{at}
25 IIITA Network Development, Engineering & Management indem{at}
26 IIITA Webcasting Service trinetra{at}
27 Information for M.Tech. Placements pg_placement{at}
28 MAKEDO makedo{at}
29 Information for B.Tech./M.Tech. Placements placements{at}
30 2 year M.Tech. in Robotics ro{at}
31 SCOOP scoop{at}
32 Science Conclave, IIIT Allahabad scienceconclave{at}
33 Internation Conference on Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks wcsn{at}
34 SSR Summer School ssr{at}
35 Students' Robotics Club robita{at}
36 Scholarship scholarship{at}
37 Science Conclave, IIIT Allahabad scor2014{at}
38 Science Conclave, IIIT Allahabad scp2014{at}
39 Universal Digital Library udl{at}
40 wpad discovery protocol wpad{at}
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